Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fun in the Sun

 When Lois heard it had been so long since I've updated and this made her very sad.

I decided that since updating would make her happy again, we needed to go outside so that I could get some good photos to share of her with the family!

For some reason she forgot all about the blog and started chanting/screaming "Outside! Outside! Outside!"

It's like she likes the sun. Weirdo.
 She took a moment or two to stop and smell the flowers before running.

I actually tried to pose her doing this with the flowers but she wouldn't stand still until it occurred to her later (and without prompting) that she actually wanted to smell the flowers.

I guess I'll stop trying to get her to do what I want and let her do her own thing; they often turn out to be the same thing, except for when they don't.
 She (and I) really loves our new back yard. She runs, smells the flowers, helps me pull weeds (and sometimes things that aren't weeds), and rolls in the grass right after I've cut it.

She's slightly allergic to grass so that last bit isn't such a great thing.
 On the patio she decided that the best thing in the world was to run in a circle around me while I tried to take a picture. It was her favorite game in the world for almost 10 whole minutes!
 I just really like this picture. I have nothing clever to say here.
This is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world. I love her with all of my heart.

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