Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There's A Whole Wide World Out There!

Lois had her four month old doctor's appointment the other day and the doctor says our little girl is perfect. Now, we obviously already knew that but it's really nice to hear a medical professional say what we already knew. Perfect.

That's right folks. We're sorry. Your baby is inferior because ours is perfect. Medically stated, therefore it must be true. It's okay, I'm sure your baby is adorable too, just not perfect.*

That's right. I'm perfect.
She's started looking at the world around her and interacting with it. She went from "I have no idea what these things around me are" to reaching out and grabbing the world around her, not just batting at things like most babies do.

It's awesome.

I watch her play with the toys, grab my fingers or mommy's hair and it's great to see her realize that she can interact with things.

She's even started petting the kitty when he comes close enough to allow her to touch him. They have an uneasy truce; he says hi right up until her little fingers accidentally latch on to whatever part of his body they happen to be touching and she doesn't grab his tail if he keeps it away from her hands. It's a good truce.

The Baby-Cat Truce shown in action.
We owe Aunt Mel a huge thank you for Lois' new toy off of the baby gift list I put up a while ago because this little play mat has shown just how active our little girl has become. We received it yesterday and today our little girl is just going crazy playing with the crinkle toys, using her hands and her feet to grab them, swing them, and play.

Now that she's able to interact with the world around her I have to be a little more careful.

For example, the other night we had friends over for a party and I was having a beer. I looked over in time to take the beer bottle out of her hand but I swear the glint in her eye said "I'm gettin' some of that sweet, sweet, amber ale!" And then she watched as I took gulps from the beer that she had tried to get and she became angry at me, kicking me and crying. It was HER beer, not daddy's!

So now, on top of getting her used to solid foods (Oh, the poop...) I have to watch and make sure that my little girl doesn't make herself into a 5-month-old alcoholic.

Thankfully I can use that wonderful toy mat from Aunt Mel to distract her and in the meantime just give her some coffee instead.

*Parenthood is a competition, right? Where the person who makes their baby sound the most advanced and most perfect wins? Or am I doing that wrong?

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