Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Swear That I Really Am A Good Dad

Let's ignore that she was crying and my reaction was to grab the camera.
Why is my daughter falling backward onto her butt, wrapped in a jacket, tears in her eyes?

Well, she couldn't remove her coat.

Her mommy said "Come here, honey, and I'll help you get that off."

Her daddy said "Come on, little girl. I'll help you take it off, just come over to me."

She cried more and kept waving her arm around ineffectually.

Of course I grabbed my camera, thinking of the fame of "Reasons My Son Is Crying." I snapped two pictures and on the third she threw herself backwards just as the flash was going off.

I swear, I'm a good dad. I swear I am.

I mean, it's hours and hours later and she's not still wearing the coat. Or crying. That has to count for something?

EDIT: Laura read this and summed it up, laughing. "I swear I'm a good dad; here's a picture of my crying daughter falling on her ass!"


  1. The great coat caper. Wait until she wants to wear that dress. Not this dress. THAT dress.

    1. I fully expect to be told many times how much she hates me. I know that when it happens it'll probably hurt, though I've accepted the fact that it WILL happen.

      I am sure that at least one of those occurrences will be because I don't let her wear THAT dress or own it, for that matter.