Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When The Baby Sleeps

Today was a normal day at the beginning. Begrudgingly getting up. Some coffee for Laura, some breakfast for Lois, and me sitting in the chair going "Blergh."

Eventually Laura went to work. Lois lay down for a nap. And I came to life.

It started out pretty normal. I wanted to take a picture for my Green Mountain Coffee BzzCampaign and I thought that a picture of me balancing a hot cup of coffee on my head while juggling would suffice. As you do.

I thought the photo was kind of funny so after sending it off through the series of tubes that is the internet I posted it up on Facebook, labeling it "What I do when Laura is at work and Lois is asleep.*"

Laura wrote back "Well done. Now balance a second cup on the first one and do it again."

Because that's difficult?

Not content with me showing off my awesomeness, instead of praising me she responded "Now do it on one foot."

Thank you very much.

Now if you'll just pardon me, the sound of coffee cups crashing to the floor seems to have woken the baby.

*Let's pretend this label is less accurate than it actually is, okay?

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