Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Something Witty Goes Here

 I'm tired. I can't really think of things to say that aren't variations on "I'm tired."

So here, have adorable photos of my daughter.

In this one you can see that she's doing what I'd like to do. Sleeping. Lucky little girl.
 Here is a picture that is proof of me being a horrible father.

I wouldn't let her play with a knife.
 Maybe this means she'll want to join me at karaoke when she's a little older?
 Or, you know, she's just being a toddler.

 "No more climb in couch. I promise. I promise!"

She said this while climbing into the couch.

It's like toddlers lie, or something!
 She randomly climbed onto my back and yelled "Getup!"

You can see I was thrilled by this.

She's doing it again as I write this. No joke.

Talk to the foot.

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