Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Terrified Tuesday

Cute picture, right?

No big deal, you say, right?

You don't get why this would be filed under "terrifying," do you?

What if I told you I walked into her room and found her like this?

See how that bottom (actually middle) drawer is open? She apparently opened it and used it as a stepping stone to climb her way on top of her changing table.

I learned of this when I heard her call out "Daddy, help!"

I had let her go play in her room without me because it's important (for both of us) that she get some alone time to play and make believe without daddy over her shoulder every instant of the day.

I walked in, expecting her to be crying wolf.


She reached out for me and said "Daddy, help! Down!"

Of course I had to go get a camera and take her picture.

Oh and that dress she's wearing? If you look closely you'll see sleeves coming out from under it that don't seem to match? That's because she put the dress on herself while she was in there alone, over the clothing I'd put her in that morning.

Not only is she climbing and giving me heart attacks, she's also making me question my sense of baby style.


I'll let her pick out her own clothes in the morning now that she has her own sense of style and that'll solve one problem.

I have no idea what to do about the climbing, though. Thoughts?


  1. Take her to a safe park, let her climb, let her fall. It's the only way they work out what they can and can't do. You might say... "Danger" when she's doing something that will result in a minor fall, and when she falls and is unhappy, say "Bad Danger, Danger bit baby" If you are consistent, she will learn that when Daddy warns, she should listen and learn it while she is still protected and watched. It DOES transfer to alone and unwatched. I promise.

  2. Tether all furniture, bookcases and stove to the wall.