Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Picture Post: Silly Girl

 I tried to practice spinning poi this morning.

Someone else, small and adorable, tried her best to get hit in the head with the poi as she attempted to grab them from me.

She then spent the next 10 minutes or so "spinning" them, which consisted of them bouncing around on the floor. I cheered her on, of course. Some day she'll be able to make them go round and round.

That'll be the day I start wearing a cup every waking moment.

 Lois and I often play "I love you." It's where one of us tells the other "I love you," then the other person says it back louder. We volley back and forth until we're shouting at each other "I LOVE YOU!" Usually it ends in raucous laughter from both sides.

The other day she got to as loud as her little voice would take her and she ended the game with "I LOVE MOMMY!"

I guess mommy wins?
 Lois LOVES this new flooring. She can push herself around on yer Y-Bike without any problem and just glide along.

I still don't feel comfortable bringing her out with it but in here? In here she rides it around like a queen.

Which is to say that she rides right over our feet and expects us to apologize for the bumps in her path.
 I'm glad we kept this large comfy chair in the move. We almost got rid of it but it makes a perfect chair for our reading nook, which Lois uses frequently.

It's not rare that I watch her grab a book and wander over to the chair, pulling herself up into it and getting comfy (which often includes throwing every pillow onto the floor but so be it). She'll settle down with the book for upward of fifteen minutes sometimes!

If that doesn't sound like a long time, you do not have a toddler.
 While waiting for mommy to get out of work the other day Lois found the paper and started reading it.

I knew I needed a picture.

She actually seemed to enjoy looking through the paper and not just the crinkling sound. Smart little daughter of mine.
Keep working on it, daughter of mine! You've almost got it! Just another couple years of growing and they'll stop hitting the floor!

Now stop growing. Thanks.

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  1. You could shrink her back down.
    Laura knows about that :)