Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Cry of All Parents, Everywhere

"I was only gone for a minute!"

Every parent says it. Every parent means it. Every child takes advantage of that one minute of alone time.

In the past I would put Lois safely in her crib any time I had to go to the bathroom. This often ended in tears, screaming, crying, and me feeling bad about putting her there but knowing it was the only way to keep her safe. I knew that if I left her out, even for the 30 seconds it took me to do my thing, then the 10 seconds to wash my hands, horrible things would happen.

I just knew it was true and so I did everything I could to make sure that she had absolutely zero freedom if my eyes weren't actively on her. I had to use the bathroom? She had to go into her crib. No exceptions.

Until today.

Today I figured "It's about a minute. She's watching TV. I allow her out of my sight all the time now when she wants to go play in her room or in the den area. It'll be fine. Besides, what's the worst that can happen?"

She ordered HBO.

No, seriously.

I walked in and there was a prompt on my TV: "Your order for HBO has been processed. It will show up on your account in a few days. Thank you." She was watching Man of Steel.

I was only gone for a minute!

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