Friday, June 6, 2014

IT'S STILL FRIDAY WHERE I AM: Friday (Last Minute) Picture Post

A picture of Lois being Gollum.
 Please pardon the lack of any real descriptions to these pictures as I'm posting this at 11:19 PM Central Time so that I can say I got my Friday Picture Post up "on time."

This was Lois in the apartment before the movers came. There was a LOT of space to run around and play.

A (bad) picture of daddy being really, really creepy.

Those are my socks.

They look better on her, though.

She says "See my pretty socks?"

Okay, Lilly Tomlin.

I try really hard not to look creepy in pictures. What I mean by that is I avoid pictures of myself at all costs and here's a picture to show why.

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