Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My New Favorite Picture of Her

This is my new favorite picture of her. Please ignore the mess in the background; for those who don't know, we just moved into our new apartment and we're recovering from the move with a messy house.

I'm not sure where this particular outfit came from (probably our friends Heather and Greg and their daughter, Hope) but it's adorable and Lois really liked it when she picked it out this morning.

Our morning routine when I dress her consists of me picking out three outfits and her choosing between the three. I'd let her just choose something from her drawer but that would quickly end in everything in the drawer being out of the drawer and on the floor.*

One of the best things about unpacking is that I found a ton of new outfits for Lois that we didn't know we had. I thought we were running out of outfits and might have to (*gasp*) buy clothes for her, which the generosity of friends and family has staved off for at least this long. But no! Whole boxes of clothing in the appropriate sizes came with us! Yay!

When I try to get pictures of Lois now I have to sneak them or she'll come running as soon as she sees the camera; she wants to see the pictures of her on the camera. Not that she's self-centered or anything; she just likes to look at herself. Perfectly normal. (Dork baby.) I have to sneak the photos or what I get is a picture of her running toward me. Like this one.

Silly baby. Wonderful, amazing, and silly.

*Everybody walk the dinosaur.

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