Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Thing I Never Expected

That's right. I took a selfie. You're welcome.
This very handsome man you see here looking stoic, war-weathered, and weather-worn, is me.

Me is currently celebrating another human being pooping in the toilet, singing silly songs that go "Poopoo in the pot-ty, poopoo in the pot-ty!" to the ever-awesome salsa beat. (1 And 2 And 3, 4 for anyone unsure.)

Being a dad makes me celebrate the weirdest things.

I also never thought I'd be holding another person over a toilet, waiting in anxious anticipation for them to do their business. It's really weird. Rewarding in the most gross way possible, and also very weird.

1 comment:

  1. I saw ur comment on the event with Heuy Lewis and I just wanna say since u said ur new in town and can't find a sitter check out Angieslist dot com. I promise u will be able to find a sitter maybe for next time but there's still time to try today so that u and ur wife can have an awesome Friday night! Hope that can help u, Namaste to all of ur friends and family! Xx