Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeding Time!

Every day, Lois decides to do something new and amazing.

Yesterday it was standing without my assistance to the (fast but we'll say slow) count of "five" before falling on her butt. The day before that it was learning how to open the little flip-pages on the inside of one of her flip books. Tomorrow it will probably be how to open the door and walk around outside because it terrifies daddy to think of that.


Today she learned that going "pthbtbtbtbtb" with food in her mouth is a FUN GAME and it makes daddy LAUGH REALLY HARD.

If you're going to be a new father, let me pass this on to you right now: learn now how not to laugh, no matter how hard you want to. If you laugh once at something, something like your child blowing her food in a fine mist across her baby highchair and all over your face, this will now become your child's favorite thing ever because all they want is to make you laugh.

We also learned a fun new game today called "dance-side-to-side, mouth wide open, while eating." She would do this and then look upset if I didn't attempt to feed her. I was never very good at sports in high school and I feel as though the opportunity to learn how to do feats of dexterity like this has passed me by. Has anybody else ever accidentally stuffed their child's nose full of apple sauce/banana mixed together? It does not clean easily. You try telling a baby to blow her nose and not breath in the mush daddy stuffed up her nostrils.

My child is obviously going places in this world. Like I said, she learns something new every single day.

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