Friday, June 28, 2013

Link Day

I don't often just link to somebody else's blog but today I'd like to direct you elsewhere for a blog post: Congratulations, You Just Broke Your Child

I don't often get personal here. I joke and I laugh and I take pictures of the cutest baby in the world. This article, however, deserves to be shared and it hit home pretty hard. It's one of the things I said when I realized I was going to be a dad: "I'll never be like that." And I'm not. I hope to continue not being that kind of dad.

I want my daughter to always feel safe with me and know that I'm here for her. I know she's only 11 months old (almost) but I hope that she knows when she's 11 months, 11 years, or 11 decades* that I'm here for her. As long as I'm alive, I'm here for her. I can't always promise I'll be awesome or know how to fix things but I'll be here.

Now pardon me. I have to stop my daughter from chewing on this wooden table with her 4 teeth.

*The Singularity is coming. It could happen!

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