Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feeding Time!

Not pictured: Cheese she just threw at/to the cats.
My little girl is growing up!

Proof of this? Well, she just had her yearly check-up so that we can have medical proof that we have a perfect 1-year-old baby who is, according to the Doctor* "Well-advanced and super-duper smart**."

More proof is needed?

Well, she's eating grown up foods now. She eats almost anything we put in front of her though it's obvious she has a few favorites.

On her plate today are bananas and some sharp cheddar cheese. She loves the cheddar cheese and tends to eat that first (minus the parts that she throws to the cats to show that she loves them) and then fills up whatever space is left with the banana. If I were to add hotdogs to the mix, she would go hotdogs, then cheddar cheese, then bananas.

If I added bacon she would eat the bacon and then beg for more, ignoring everything else on her plate.

Smart baby.

She has good taste in books...
She also loves story-time. She will grab one of her many "Hello" magazines (made by the same magazine company that makes "Highlights For Children"), bring the little magazine to me, hold it out and clearly say "Take this!"

No, seriously. I thought I was imagining things but she really can say "Take this" when she wants you to take something. It's insane. I thought that I was just being an overly-proud parent until we were at playgroup and she kept trying to shove a toy into a six-month-old's arms, yelling at her "Take this! Take this! TAKE THIS!" and then, in the end, dropping it on the baby's head and waddling away.

I should mention that it was a soft toy and the baby's mom thought it was hilarious.

As the final proof for how my child is showing HUGE improvement and being awesome I will point out that she has absolutely mastered the sippy cup.

She can spill it EVERYWHERE.

*I will capitalize the word "Doctor" so as to give her words even more importance in your mind.
**This may be paraphrasing. A little. But whatever the Doctor* actually said, this was what she meant. Honest!

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