Saturday, August 3, 2013


Somehow this little girl has survived a full year of being raised by me and her mommy.


I can't believe how far we've come.
 She got hold of my camera yesterday. Instead of freaking out (since there's very little she could do to actually damage my camera with me right there watching her) I tried to show her how it worked.

As you can see, her composition is a little bit off but there's a huge improvement in her focus between the second and third pictures.

They grow up so fast!

So, happy birthday Little Miss Stubborn.

I love you so much and I look forward to taking pictures with you for the rest of my life. Or teaching you how to juggle. Or showing you that insects aren't as scary as they seem, even if your mommy screams squeaks when they land on her. Or any of the million things that we'll share. I look forward to it all.

I even look forward to finding out how you're going to turn all my hair gray or when you'll give me another heart attack.

I look forward to it all. Your mommy and I love you very much.

I hope that by the time you're bigger the internet still exists and hasn't been wiped away by the zombie apocalypse so that you can see this and know that we've loved you since the very beginning, even when your nickname (like this morning) is "Little Miss Stinky."

Happy birthday, little girl.

I love you.

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