Friday, October 5, 2012

LMS - "Little Miss Stubborn"

 Back in the days before baby, when baby was just a small little something we saw on a screen, she was known as "Little Miss Stubborn." See, if we needed her to move for the stress test she would stay still. Whatever we needed her to do, she did the opposite.

Well, that trend continues to this day.

She's old enough now that she gets what is called "tummy time." This is when mom and dad torture the baby by putting her on a soft blanket on the floor on her tummy. This is supposed to encourage her to move around a bit,
work her arm, leg, and chest muscles, and eventually lead to crawling.

Instead it leads to one of two things:

1. Crying. Lots of crying. Angry crying that she's been flipped on her tummy and can't move around to see the world. Sad crying that daddy has left her like this for a whole 30 seconds. Crying.

2. Sleeping. Sleeping soundly without a care in the world, unlistening to dad's pleas to move and exercise. Just sleeping.
After a while of crying and then sleeping (I don't actually let her stay on her tummy while she's sleeping for safety's sake) daddy will decide it's time to save her and let her up.

This, inevitably, is when she decides to wake quietly, smile, and start moving.

She's a little jerk who is excellent at manipulating her father's feelings.

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