Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Which I Am Probably Scarring Her For Life

Somehow (I'm really not sure how) I came across a new technique to calm my child while she is upset or crying. It's similar to The Quiet Maker only in that I was able to get video of it working. Otherwise they're nothing alike.

Watch this video and see if you can figure out exactly what I'm doing. Each time I do it she quiets one step further until she goes from actively crying (so, warning, crying baby in this video) to happy and smiling. No joke!

Each time you see her head jerk slightly backward and her eyes open widely what's happening is that I'm blowing air directly into her face. She reacts in a surprised fashion and then resumes the crying, albeit a little weaker each time until finally she completely forgets that she ever was crying at all!

I am sure that this is somehow going to come up in a therapy session some day. She'll have a fear of stiff breezes or some-such but for now? For now I have another tool in my arsenal of being the Best Dad Evar!


  1. When she's riding on the back of that Bad Boy's motorcycle, saying, "The feel of the wind in my face makes me feel so FREE and SAFE!" you will be sorry, but it will be too late.

  2. AWWWW!! Smiley baby is smiley!

  3. Naomi, I so hope you are not predicting the future here. Because I'd have to go all mama bear on a guy. And her. I can get her a fan to blow in her face all day long while she is locked in her room for eternity.

  4. She will be fine, I did the same thing to my little guy. *looks behind her at the -almost- teenager behind her making a 6 slice stack of garlic bread for breakfast. Yes... perfectly normal....

  5. No scarring for life! It's perfect-she's distracted from the disappointment of whatever she wants right now that you probably can't provide anyway (barring physical discomfort or any real danger) like instant dinner, constant attention, Justin Beiber at her first birthday party…You must be teaching her that whatever bothers her, it is never as bad as it seems and it's almost always preferable to laugh at the simple pleasures like a cool breeze than cry over what you can't have. That being said another thought occurs to me-what a beautiful beautiful baby with an adorable chuckle! Good job daddy-Keep those baby smiles coming!

  6. I wish blogspot were more mobile friendly. I can't see the video :(

    1. Oh *after*I comment it appears, magically :)

  7. That was the best thing ever. Particularly the smile at the end!

    Of course, you're setting her up to be a masochist, but that's a long time in the future....