Monday, October 8, 2012


Today my little girl went to the doctors for her 2-month check-up and shots.

I wasn't in the room when she received her shots; I drove back home to pick up some diapers because we had forgotten to fill her diaper bag and she needed a change.

From the look on Mom's face though when I got back it was rough.

For her sake, today, I'm going to find nothing funny about the situation* but I'm glad my little girl is inoculated.

*If I were trying, I would say something along the lines of how glad I am that I wasn't there because it means daddy's not the bad guy, but I'm not trying today. For her sake.


  1. I can't imagine trying to calm a two month old baby after sticking her with needles repeatedly. Mommy is DEFINITELY the bad guy right now for being complicit in this...And daddy got to swoop in with diapers and comforting, non-sharp arms! Go you? ;c)

    1. Go me!

      Mom had actually calmed her down fairly well by the time I got there. From what she told me the doctor and nurse were the ones that actually did the holding down and poking and prodding while Mom stayed away and wasn't the bad guy.

      But I wasn't even there, so I'm even less of the bad guy, or something. :)