Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alone With Baby

Last night Lois and I spent the night with mom gone. I won't say I was terrified because I wasn't*.I knew I could handle it**. I was as cool as a cucumber***. Nothing could rattle my cage****.

Well, it's 5:48 AM as I start to write this and I'm awake. Lois is still sleeping soundly after going to sleep around 10 last night, which is a great night of sleep for her. I plan on feeding her around 6 and then we're driving a couple of hours to go to a wedding. Mom left for the wedding last night to be with her great friend who is getting married and it was just easiest for me to be here with Lois.

If something had gone wrong? All her fault. Look at that diabolical smile.
 I had some friends over shortly after Mom left last night so that if something went wrong I could point fingers in their general direction. Thankfully nothing went wrong and now they're completely blame free.

So I'm sitting here now on the verge of 6 AM when I had planned on starting to feed Lois so that I could be out the door by 7 AM. I'm dressed, showered, and ready to go.

But she's asleep.

Two warring instincts inside of me are at play right now:
Go on, honey. Tell everyone what you think of my parenting skills.

One side, well call it the "Good Daddy" side, wants to allow the little girl to get all the rest she can because hey; she needs to get used to sleeping through the night and the little angel's sleep shouldn't be disturbed.

The other side wants to start playing the video of her crying on high volume to wake her up because it's only fair.

Well, 6 AM. Time to decide if I'm a good daddy, a bad daddy, or somewhere in between...

***I am a liar.
****...more than being left alone with the baby.

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