Friday, October 12, 2012

A Couple Small Things

This awesomeness showed up in several of my father-related feeds today. Some man created a baby pram that can zoom along at speeds in excess of 49 mph*. Unfortunately I don't even have to ask Mom if it's okay for me to build one of these death machines because my brain is smart and has already labeled this as a "death machine."

Though I would like to point out that the carriage is made of metal. Way to go, super dad! That's thinking ahead.

Chester is king.
In other news, our male cat Chester, mentioned in my last post, is happy that Mom finally has a lap again. He was getting quite upset when Mom was pregnant that he couldn't jump up and cuddle and that when he did he often got kicked by Mom's stomach.

Now he just gets kicked by the squirmy thing that Mom is often holding. He's less than thrilled but he'll take what he can get for now. 

Sometimes I swear I see him staring at the baby, plotting how he once again will become the ruler of this roost.

For now he waits. Biding his time. Plotting, taking what scraps of lap he can get, wherever he can get them, waiting for Mom to put the squalling thing down and let him resume his proper place as King.

"Hey kid, you look delicious."

*It can go 50 mph, which is totally "in excess" of 49.