Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Only For Daddy

The other day Lois looked at me with big bright eyes and clearly said "Hi!"

I laughed because obviously this was impossible and was just air escaping in a random matter, regardless of how much it really sounded like the word "hi." She's not even yet 3 months old; she can't talk.

Except then she did it again later directly in response to me saying "Hi little girl!"

So I showed mommy.

Except that I didn't. See, she wouldn't say it for mommy. When mommy wandered away, less than impressed at this genius of a baby, Lois looked up at me, smiled and said "hi" under her breath.

Not. Even. Joking.

She hasn't really done it since, which shows me that it's clearly a fluke but...

Yesterday I taught our little girl to blow a raspberry by walking her through verbally step-by-step. She followed my directions exactly and ended up blowing a perfect raspberry. I rushed to show mommy this.


Same thing with pursing her lips and going "bptbptbptbpt." Show mommy? Nothing.

I feel kinda like the guy who finds the WB frog that will only dance for him.

Either that or insane. Maybe both.

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