Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Quiet-Maker

When our little girl came into our home she cried. A lot. It's simple: Take a child from a warm little room of their own that's filled with fluid, all-you-can-eat snacks, in what basically amounts to a sensory deprivation tank and then throw them into a big wide open world of...everything.

She cried. It's normal. We wanted it to stop.

We have a wonderful nighttime tool that makes soothing noises and lights up the bedroom with starlight, but the Twilight Turtle, as amazing as it was at night, could do nothing for us during the daily wailing.

While I moved about my daily activities though, I noticed a pattern. A trick, if you will. Even, if you'll allow me a flight of fancy here, a bit of magic.


Granted, it doesn't always work perfectly (as you can see toward the end of this video) but after our first week of parenthood we had used roughly enough water to fill at least one of the Great Lakes.

Have you ever come across any good child-quieting techniques? I'm told rum is frowned upon.


  1. We had some yoga techniques and some baby holds that helped at the beginning. Just wait till she's mobile!!!

    1. I fear and dread the upcoming day when she will be moving around this house getting into anything that's not nailed down. That doesn't come for about another 2, maybe 3 years...right? Let me just ~pretend~ that I'm right...

  2. If water works, I would suggest trying the vacuum cleaner as well. You can also just buy a white noise machine or a CD of running water. I'm sure there are also some good youtube videos of waterfalls and such.

    1. As of right now, water no longer works. It was only for the first two weeks, roughly, and then the magic faded. Overuse, maybe?