Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes Mommy Fails

Laura (aka "Mom") is an amazing mother full of patience, love, and tenderness for her little girl and for me. The best decision I've ever made in my life is being with her; I'm glad I moved out here.

I say that sweet stuff so that I can now tell you that I'm not the only one in this relationship that's going to mess up our child. Laura will steer me clear of the biggest hurdles, I'm sure, and save Lois at least a few thousand dollars in psychiatry visits just by being herself but that doesn't mean she's perfect.

Take the other day, for example: I somberly admitted that I sometimes flick cold water on our little girl "because the books say she should experience new sensations" and that her reactions (big eyes, startled noises and an "angry at daddy" face) make me giggle every time. I expected indignation but received laughter.

Apparently? Laura will do the same thing to keep Lois awake while she breastfeeds, and laughs just as much as I do at the startled and offended look on our little girl's face afterward.

We are going to be fantastic parents!

Water also makes her blurry; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.