Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Letter To Daddy

Happy baby is happy!
Dear Daddy,

Thank you for bringing me to the San Antonio zoo! I really loved looking at the beautiful sky that I could see from my stroller, and that birdie that almost pooped on me. Why did it try to poop on me, daddy?

I did love the butterfly house, daddy. Why didn't you let me play with the butterflies, daddy? Why did mommy scream at the butterflies? Was she trying to scare them?

But daddy, I need you to know that I'm very upset with you. Very.

Hello, happy baby! You look delishu...I mean...happy!
This is my friend. His name is Hugo. Hugo wanted me to come in his cage and say hello but you wouldn't let me!

You held me up so that I could see him, then sang some silly song, put me back, and ignored my crying where I tried to tell you that I wanted to go say hello to my friend Hugo!

And that wasn't even the only time you wouldn't let me say hello to a new friend, daddy! You were SO RUDE to me! The only animals you let me see and you didn't even let me pet them!

I'm not waking up unless someone throws a baby at me.
It's a kitty, daddy! A KITTY! I wanted to say hello and PET IT! But you wouldn't let me, daddy! Meanie!

Hmph. The kitty looked soft and fluffy and I would have even been gentle like you're trying to teach me with our kitties! I would have only pulled its fur once or twice!

But it's okay, daddy. I might be upset with you but I still love you.

I do want to point out that the one thing you let me get really close to I did not ask to be close to. It wanted to eat me, daddy!

I'm quacking up over here.
It wanted to eat me, daddy!

Just look at those beady little eyes and that bill made for nibbling on baby fingers and toes!

I didn't want to be anywhere near that thing as it peered its baby-eating head over my carrier in at me but there you were, taking pictures, smiling, and laughing while my life was in danger!

But it's okay, daddy. I still love you.

I just love mommy more.

This capybara has nothing to do with this story.
I just like capybaras.

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