Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yesterday, Genius. Today, Idiot.

My baby has this magical ability to learn things amazingly fast. She's an absolute genius! She learned how to say "Mom" at something like 3 months old!

Then she relearned it at 6 months. At 7 months she was a pro.

As we approach 8 months old she hasn't said it for over a week.

Or how about the fact that my little baby was doing a super job eating peas and having no problem eating like a big person. The next week she had no idea what that "spoon" thing was or why we were trying to shove it into her mouth. Why would we do something like that? No good could possibly come of this.

The other day she started scooting around on the floor, crawling in a semi-circle! That was one day, for about an hour. Now? She has no knowledge of ever doing this and if something is a centimeter out of her reach while on her tummy it may as well be the moon.

My genius baby, the idiot.

Just depends on the day.

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