Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Toys Are Weird

What the heck is a Winkle?

Apparently, this is a Winkle:
I think it's made by aliens.

I have no idea what it's supposed to be other than an amalgamation of leftover brightly-colored rubber/plastic that has been molded into shapes that my little girl has labeled as "bite-able."

And what should I call this toy?
They look bigger than my face in this picture. Let's pretend they are.
Keys? Things that hurt as they bounce off of daddy's face*?

I've settled on "Jangles." It's a name I made up for them, and seems to fit but if there's a "real" name for them I'd love to know. She loves them because they jangle when she smashes them against daddy's hard head.

And this one:
I call it "Pointy."

How is that even safe for kids?!

Oh, wait. Well, I'll stop letting her play with the corkscrew/bottle opener but the other two questions still stand!

*She has quite an arm on her and throws things quite well, let me tell you.

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