Friday, December 20, 2013

But It's Not Even Christmas Yet!

Her favorite toy ever: Shipping paper.
It's five days until Christmas.

The living room is dominated a large tree with roughly seventy bajillion wrapped presents under it and the table we have put in front of it to block the little baby from unwrapping her presents and ours a few days early.

What's left of the living room is flooded by leftover shipping paper from Amazon. We would get rid of it but the both the cats and the baby find it to be the best thing since forever.

Operation Nobody Gets Into the House is a success.
The entryway into the house is dominated by boxes piled high, ready to go out to the truck and be brought down for recycling. In the meantime I'm trying to find out if the little one is afraid of the dark or of enclosed spaces by taking large boxes and throwing them over the top of her. Thus far I'm pretty sure she's not afraid of the dark or tight spaces but is starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with her daddy.

We'll get this stuff out of the house today, no problem, but it's crazy to think that it's not even Christmas yet and we're already overrun by boxes, crinkly paper, and new toys.

Lois, of course, is loving every minute of it. The piles of boxes are new things for her to climb (even if they fall over on her) and the shipping paper/wrapping paper from the presents we opened during Grammy and Poppy's visit are just the best things ever!

Seriously; she spent an hour the other day just walking on the crinkly paper.

I'm pretty sure we used to have a dining room table.
But honestly, I can't wait for Christmas, regardless of the mess the house will become. I'm sure the bright and sparkly wrapping paper will be everywhere and boxes will be piled even higher than they are now. Toys both new and old will dot the landscape of our house like small inter-continental ballistic missiles. Feet will be injured when we step on stray Lego or Mega Bloks. The mess will be absolutely epic, sure.

But the fun? That will be legendary.

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