Saturday, December 7, 2013

(Evil) Baby Genius

Merry Christmoose.
"No touch!" A cry heard often around our house as Lois goes to grab the Christmas tree, the lights, or the bulbs. It normally doesn't really help and she needs to be forcibly moved away from the tree but verbally backing it up is the best thing to do; maybe it'll get through to her.


Today she slipped between the impromptu barrier to get to the tree again. She looked at me and then back at the tree, grabbing an ornament from the bottom branches.

Little stinker and her mommy.
She looked back at the ornamental bulb and started yelling, "No! No touch! No eat! No!" She wagged her finger at it once or twice, and then went to grab another bulb, all-the-while yelling "No!"

What I'm not sure is whether that means she gets it, or that she thinks the Christmas tree and its bulbs are called "No."

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