Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking The Picture

Lois being adorable.
"Stay still, honey!" The outfit was too cute to not get a photo of it, if only she'd cooperate.

"Sweetie, 'stay still' doesn't mean come running at daddy. Now, move back into this position and stay right there, okay?" Everyone will love this shot once I can get it.

And she followed me back to where I was going to take the picture. Okay. This is going to be tough.

"Lois, listen closely: Just stand right here for the next five seconds and then you can come running to daddy. Sound good?" She's doing it! Come on, camera! Wait, no, stop charging the flash and just take the photo!

Damn it.

"You're right, little girl, that WAS more than five seconds. Good job standing still! Want to do it one more time? Just one more time for dad? No? Okay. That's fair." Rassin'-frassin' camera.

Half an hour of trying later:

"Okay honey, let's try this one more time." Well, she's blurry and washed out by the flash but she's smiling and you can see the whole outfit.

"Good photo! All done!"

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