Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Okay, I Fixed It

My daughter hates me.

Oh, if you ask mom she'll tell you I'm being ridiculous but honestly I think it's the only explanation for what's been happening lately.

I'll hold Lois and she'll look at me and out of nowhere start crying. Her diaper's fine, nothing in particular seems to be causing her stress, but looking at daddy? Daddy's horrible and scary looking and I must cry now.

Doing scientific testing I took Lois and pointed her at mommy while crying. Within less than three seconds the crying was gone, replaced by a smile. Back at daddy? Tears and screaming. Back at mommy: the world is great. Back at daddy: I hate everything in this big scary world. Back at mommy: Yay mommy!

So then when Mommy was out of the room later Lois and I had a little talk and I think I fixed it. We seem to be on more even footing and she barely cries at the sight of me anymore.

The pony should arrive in a week or two.

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