Friday, November 9, 2012

To My Little Girl In The Future

Lois, I'm sorry.

You're not popular and it's my fault. Mom shares some of the blame as well. See, you got your sense of humor by being around us and so we have to take the fault here. If we had thought about it we probably would have tried to be cooler, or more hip. Kids still say "hip" these days, right? Snazzy. We would have been cooler and tried to think of awesome one-liners like you see in the movies but instead? You got us.

Actual conversation this morning:

Me: How much milk do you want?

Laura: Milk it for all it's worth, baby!

Me: *groan, sigh* That was horrible. A pun is supposed to be funny, fit the conversation well, have wit, and be at least semi-intelligent. Yours had the makings of a pun but of all the qualification it lactose*.

Her: *groan, head shake, sigh* Yours was horrible. Mine was in the top 2 percent.

So I'm sorry. Mommy's sorry too. It's our fault that you have trouble making friends. But honey, we think you're hilarious.

*Pronounced closer to "lacked those." It's harder to see the pun than hear it when you actually say it. Don't let the pun get pasteurize.

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  1. She can come hang out with Hope. I'm sure they will have similar senses of humour.