Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dance For Me, My Minions!

She still doesn't say "dada." It's okay though, since she has completely forgotten how to say "mama" which puts us back on even footing in the "Who's the better parent" game.

That's totally a game that parents play, right?


This morning I put on Maclemore's Thrift Shop and danced around like an idiot. I mostly did it to get the song stuck in Laura's head but when I saw that my dancing made my little babygirl smile wider than a thing that is really wide, I continued my stupid dancing*. I love making her smile and am happy to be an idiot to make her smile.

The song came to an end, as songs tend to do (unless you're doing something silly like using and I stopped dancing, at which point the baby's smile turned to a frown and after a few more moments the frown turned into tears and wailing as though I had stolen her favorite toy and thrown it down the sink.

I swear that the look on her face said it clearly; if I did not dance for her entertainment I was a bad daddy and that she wouldn't love me anymore. She would never say 'dada' and would, in fact, pick up a tip from a show she hasn't seen and call me "not the mama!"

I'm not going to spoil this child, let me make that clear. That being said, it's really difficult to type this up while dancing for her and I don't know when I can stop dancing.

*The nice thing about having a baby is that to her I am the best dancer in the world.

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