Friday, April 12, 2013

My Baby's Brain Is Full

I've finally figured out why my little girl doesn't yet say 'dada' with any frequency and why she suddenly stopped chanting 'mama' a week or so ago:

She has a small brain.

I don't mean small for her size or her age. Nah, that's probably right along the normal track and she's as healthy as a parent could hope. No worries there.

Simply put, her vocabulary capability is at one word right now. She can only remember one word at a time and equate it with something in the real world. A week or so ago it was mama and now it's cat. Maybe next week I'll be lucky and it'll be dada but it's more likely to be chair or Pomplamoose.

If you're wondering, I'm absolutely serious about the 'cat' thing. My little girl was sitting in her playpen the other day and turned around to see Chester (seen below) sitting nearby. She grinned and cooed as she usually does (she is fascinated by the furry little beasts) and then said, clear as day, "Ca" while pointing at him.

If it had just been once I would have laughed it off as coincidence but the fact of the matter is she continued to look at him and say "ca," plus, later, she did the same thing. Several times.

Unfortunately I was only able to get this on camera once and the video contains a shot of my big ol' belly, which I don't really care to share with you all.

Then, when Grandma Pam came over to babysit for a while so that she could get some baby time and I could go grocery shopping without having to worry about the little one (so appreciated), the word cat was not said a single time. Oh sure, lots of babbling, but no cat.

It was the same story when Mommy came home later that night: Lots of adorable baby babble but no cat.

I think this little girl might be trying to make me look insane. She's pulling a Michigan J. Frog on me!

It's okay though. She assured me earlier that she would never do that.

It's not like she's evil or anything.

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