Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From Half A World Away! (Well, Close Anyway)

Proud grandpa with a happy baby!
Grandpa Quentin and Grandma Barbara, from the great state of Oregon, came to visit us and our little one for the past few days, having left only this morning after a breakfast at IHOP.

Lois stole one of grandpa's pieces of bacon right off his plate as it was set down at our table. She didn't even look the least bit guilty as she chowed down with glee, the little thief.

It was a great visit and grandpa even got to join us at Lois's first ever class at Romp n' Roll!

Sharing a moment with Grandma.
Let me tell you, I think these classes are going to be great. The first one went well and I'm looking forward to going back with her next week! I think she would look forward to it too if she understood it was going to happen again and that whole concept of "time" and "the future."

There were only three of the ten children who were supposed to be in the class but I think it's good it was a smaller class so Lois wasn't too overstimulated. She enjoyed playing with the parachute and got a little extra special attention from the people running it since there were so few kids.

"You mind?! I'm workin' here!"
They sing songs, dance, play with instruments (all coached in a way to teach the young ones concepts like "hold it high" or "hold it low") and I was really impressed at how well-managed the whole thing was. She giggled, danced, and threw balls at other babies!

But in a good way!

With grandpa and grandma here, activities to do every day, and generally being the amazing baby she is, the past few days have been great and we're all so glad they were able to come say hello while they were on the east coast.

On a side note, people need to visit more often and keep us busy during the day: Lois has been sleeping really well, even though she's teething again. I guess what I'm saying is that we love you all, and we love that you tire out our baby so much!

Now, a couple of pictures that tell a story:

At Romp n' Play with Auntie Amanda, mommy, and daddy!
The barrel is a little bit scary. (Side note: Sorry, hon.)
But we have a super brave baby!

Blurry celebrations all around!

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