Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Just Going To Say "No Thank You" For Now

We stepped into the room and less than three seconds later stepped out. No way were we walking in there to stay. The nearest child had snot the color and consistency of pea soup running down his face, the second one in view was coughing loud enough to shake the foundations of the library. Somewhere else, a child sneezed several times in a row.

We were not going to playgroup at the library today.

Instead, we joined other parents with their children in the actual library to play with the toys available there. It seems that while the small playroom was full with about 20 children, at least 5 other parents agreed with me that that small room was not the place to be unless you wanted to catch the Plague.

Thankfully we have a really awesome library that has a huge section dedicated to kids! We're really blessed in that sense; they have a huge library section and lots of family-friendly get-togethers.

Lois enjoyed herself with the toys and other children*, learned that sharing is good for everyone, not just for others to share with her, and also learned that getting whacked in the head with a book isn't the most fun thing in the world.

The most fun toys, EVER.
The little boy's mother was absolutely mortified as we both watched her son bring the millimeter-thick book down on my daughter's head. Several times. Laughing with glee. She apologized a hundred times while Lois looked confused about what had just happened and I chuckled.

Because really, it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a hammer. The kid didn't go for the eyes or the jugular*, and obviously Lois was fine. No tears, just confusion. I didn't get upset because there's no point.

A few minutes later another mom came over and said to me "I would have lit into that mother if she had let her little boy beat my daughter like that! I'm surprised you could control yourself! She needs to learn how to handle that little boy better!"


I explained, after a moment of confusion, that it wasn't a big deal. My daughter was fine. Her son stopped when told "stop." There was no point of getting angry.

She looked at me like I had three heads and one of those heads was spouting Nazi propaganda. I don't think either of us got our point across to the other. I'm pretty sure I didn't and I know she didn't: I've never met someone who wants to get across to others that they're a crazy person who overreacts to everything. I mean, if that is actually what she did want to get across to me then I guess she succeeded but I'm guessing it's not.

She has made me curious now, though. Is it just me? Would you have gotten upset about a gentle book beating of your child, assuming nobody was hurt? Would you have lit into the other mother to control her child better? Am I just too laid back about this?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts because she has me confused and curious.

*Who are not pictured here because I did not get express permission from the parents to put them on my blog. Any time you see my daughter with another child in these photos I have asked the parents if I can take their child's photo AND if they are okay with the picture going onto this blog. I would hope others would have the same courtesy.

**I put "jaguar" here way more times that I care to admit. Also, a paper cut to the jugular would be one of the weirdest things to explain at the ER, I think.


  1. Having been on both sides of the, oops did my kid just do that, experience I can say any time kids get together something is always bound to happen, but unless it is a full on knock out drag down MMA match going on where the other kid is expressively shouting murder death maim, the way you handled it is just fine. I've been the apologizing parent, full well knowing that my child isn't attempting to be Michael Meyers and the parent who chuckled (after making sure my child was fine) and shook their head. Kids are kids. There is a line, of course, but I think in this case the only person who needed the time out was the the third wheel parent. I swear there is a group of them, lurking in the shadows, who seek out situations to add their two senses in.....**twitch** That being said, I laughed at the first part of this and then basked in knowing I'm not the only one who does an about face when they here seal barking and snotty noses.

  2. Kids are kids. The little one was experimenting, the parent stopped it and no one was hurt. Even if my little one is a bit hurt, really, kids experiment and play rough and you can't keep them isolated forever! Teaching when they are little means the learn before the are big enough to really hurt someone! I can't stand when other parents overreact either on the 'yelling at me or my little one' or way overboard on the apologizing. The kid needs to be stopped, told it's not appropriate and if they are too young/can't/won't apologize then the parent models an apology. Those things are just going to happen and you have to live with it.

  3. Shit happens. Anybody who thinks their kids are going to get through childhood without a few scrapes, bites, whaps and etc from other kids is clearly raising their own child in a plastic bubble.