Monday, September 30, 2013

I Need A Camera Installed In My Brain

I wish I had a photo of it: Lois met her first horse over the weekend. She swears it tried to eat her. It DID lick her. She DID poke it in the eye.* I think both were properly traumatized. No pictures were taken.

This was after the CureSearch Walk**, in the park. Some riders came through and were surrounded by a sea of children. I'm sure they weren't expecting it but they were super kind about it and let everyone pet their very large, extremely friendly horses. I waited for the deluge of children to fade away before approaching with Lois.

It was funny, really, to see her survival instinct kick in. There was no way she was going to pet this thing. It was huge! She is tiny! Daddy, are you trying to make me into a snack for this monster or something?! She didn't cry because crying shows weakness. She did hide in daddy's arm while daddy pet the horse.

After a few moments she got brave and turned around from hiding in the crook of my arm, just in time for the horse to take an interest in her and lick her with a tongue the size of her entire torso.

Assuming that meant they were friends, she reached out and promptly tried to poke the horse in its overlarge eye, then pet its nose.

It was an awesome moment when she overcame her fear and reached out to the horse, even if it was to try and blind it.

*It blinked and protected its eye and I took her finger away. No damage done.
**We raised over $12,000 to help fight childhood cancer! Thank you to everyone who donated!

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