Monday, February 18, 2013

Hack, Wheeze, Cough, Sneeze

Our poor little girl is not sleeping right now because she has a cold and apparently a side-effect of a cold is this feeling of needing to keep daddy awake all night. This will be two nights in a row now but she seems to be getting better so hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) she will be able to sleep normal tomorrow night.

I took some pictures of her first cold. What would that entail, you ask?

Well, let's just say I'm not sharing the photos. I'd rather not rank first on Google for "baby boogers*." The pictures I've taken so far, and the one video? Gross. Ew. The fact that I've wiped her nose all day long and probably deforested a small island nation with the amount of tissues I've used?

Look, guys, all I can say is this: If you're going to be a dad, get used to grossness. If you can't get used to grossness, have a very loving and understanding partner who won't kill you when you say for the hundredth time that you just can't handle it.

She'll kill you on the hundred and first time, but at least you survived that long.

*I decided to see what the first link on Google would be if I googled "baby Boogers" and so there you go! Safe for work and life, I promise.

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