Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Cuteness, It Burns!

Who's the most adorable baby ever?
I think the last time we talked about tummy time it was still called tummy torture time. The poor girl hated being on her stomach, crying her little eyes out and making me feel like a horrible daddy.

Now? Well, she's not up to crawling yet for one reason or another but as you can see to the left she doesn't find it torture anymore. She smiles, laughs, and smashes her face into the floor over and over again, giggling.

I'm not sure if that means there's something wrong with my baby or of it's perfectly normal but I'm willing to bet it's on this side of normality. It's actually pretty hilarious, laying in front of her as she giggles and bashes her face into the floor while trying to shove herself forward. I put her on blankets or pillows to make sure she's not actually hurting herself and she seems to be having some kind of fun, so I just let her keep beating herself up. While laughing. Does that make me horrible?

The most adorable sad baby bear ever.
 As a matter of fact, I tend to laugh at my daughter a lot when I should probably feel bad or be working hard to console her.

Take this picture to the left here. My thought when I saw a crying baby in an adorable bear costume was "Adorable, grab the camera," not "I should do something to help my daughter."

But look at that photo. Totally worth it, wasn't it?

In the end, there really aren't a whole lot of photos of her crying though. It's just so rare that it's much easier to get a picture of a happy baby than a sad baby, or even a pouting one. She's absolutely amazing.

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