Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sometimes It's Amazing...

Lois is now six months old. Six whole months. So much has changed for her in those six months that it's amazing to think about.

Day One: Can cry, eat (with difficulty), and poop. That's seriously it. Nothing else. Oh. Blink. She could blink. The crying takes up most hours of wakefulness, second only with pooping, followed by eating. She had trouble eating back then so she could barely even do four things. No smiling, no cooing, no laughter and no anything to tell us parents that we're good parents.

At roughly day 180? She can move around, scooching around on her back, reach out and grab things, grab and hold her own bottle (though sometimes, to be honest, she shoves it into her eye), and she can babble. More than babble, she can actively say "Mum."

Yes, that means Mom won the first parenting point, getting Lois to call for her first. Well played, mommy. Well played.

But Lois can also do things like sleep through the night, play quietly with her toys on her own, be on her stomach without throwing a fit, and she smiles all the time. She laughs continuously. She's a happy baby and she loves the world around her. She also watches the fish, actively following them with her eyes as they dart around the tank.

It's amazing what six months can do.

I guess we'll see what the next six months bring!

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