Thursday, July 25, 2013

But I Swear, I'm A Good Dad!

So much luggage at such a young age.
Here you see my child, crushed by luggage, and I swear it's not my fault. It's the baby's fault.

It's totally legitimate to blame things on the baby, right? Especially when they are her fault?

See, I built a wall to act as a barrier to keep her safe and sound. Part of the wall was this piece of luggage, leaned at an angle that made a small tunnel far too small for her to ever even think about crawling through.

So of course, she tried to crawl through.

I may have laughed as she cried a little after she knocked the luggage down on itself. I immediately rushed to her rescue* and she was fine.

I reformed the barrier and she is now completely sealed in and safe.

She was obviously completely traumatized by the experience.

*After getting the camera and taking a picture to share with all of you, of course.

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