Friday, July 26, 2013

Conversation With A Friend and Play Time!

After going to playgroup today, where Lois met other babies and had a fun time destroying her new pants in the grass, I was talking with a really good friend of ours (we'll call her "Amanda" because that's her name) about how cute it was to watch Lois meeting other babies.

Me: The other babies her age(ish) didn't really know how to play and neither does she, so it was kind of funny watching them try to learn how to interact.

Amanda: That sounds adorable!

Me: It really was! Lots of pawing at one another. Heh.

Amanda: Ha! Like teenagers only little and cute!

Me: Well, yeah, but I was trying not to go there.

Amanda: Well, you ARE the parenting or porn guy!

This really made me laugh and then quiet down so as to not wake up the (very sleepy from sun and activity) baby. I had to wonder if I really want to be known as "the parenting or porn" guy but then I started laughing again so I think I'm okay with it.

And Lois really did have a good time at the playground with the other kids today! Granted, a lot of her time was just running around in the grass, tumbling down a hill and generally chasing after the big kids but she was super vocal and quite active. It was adorable to see!

Her interactions did lead to me saying things like "Yes, honey, that's the baby's eye. Now, let's move your hand out of it." Which was a little strange.

I do think we have a little extrovert on our hands! She wants to meet all the people within a 20 foot radius of her and has absolutely no fear of going up to the moms or kids to climb all over them. Adorable little baby is going to be trouble, I can just tell.

Bring it on, trouble. I'm ready.*

*I am SO not ready.


  1. I thought I was ready too....

    I was wrong too....

    I thought having had one already would mean I knew what I was doing and getting into.

    I was wrong....

    I'm pretty convinced that parenting is a lot about being wrong. ;)

    1. I'm absolutely willing, ready, and very able to be wrong! I think the most important part of being wrong is being able to admit it, fix the mistakes, and move on where possible.

      There's a reason this blog is called "Father Fails" and that's because I know there will be many. Some will be hilarious, some will be temporarily disastrous, but all will be a normal part of life and things will move on.

      If I know one thing it is that I know nothing.

      And I'm okay with that.