Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Conversations

After telling a story about how I threw something at the baby -

Laura: "You mean you threw it TO her, right?"

Me: "No. You have seen far too much at this point for me to lie to you. I throw stuff AT her."

Laura: *Silently glaring at me*

Me: "It's SOFT stuff!"

After a few moments thought I had to expand on that last thought for honesty's sake -

Me: "Well, to be honest I should have said that I only throw soft stuff at her head."

I then wandered away innocently while Laura shot me a look that I am SURE would have melted my eyeballs out of my head had I been looking.


After throwing something at the baby from across the room and scoring a direct hit while Laura was not looking -

Me: "Direct hit! Right in the fac-um-chest! Whoo!"

Laura: "Uh-huh. Good save there because I totally didn't hear you say face, first."


Laura is sitting at her work desk, working hard on her day's tasks while I'm chatting with the baby -

Me: "Hey now, no crying or I'll slap you with this sock!"

Laura: "What did you just say?!"

Me: "You're working and can't hear me!"

I use this often in order to get out of trouble. Somehow she doesn't see my logic and it often doesn't work as well as it should.


  1. We often used to tell Dustin that we would set him on fire. He hasn't suffered any ill effects yet.

    1. I probably won't threaten to set her on fire (just not quite my style, not because I see anything wrong with it) but I often tell her (and will probably continue to do so as she gets older) that I'm going to beat her up. Then I proceed to "beat her up." :)