Monday, July 22, 2013

My Baby, The Bully

She snatched the toy away with violence seen often in 6-week-old kittens after throwing down her own. The toys were identical except that this one was one that The Other Baby had, and so she decided that she Must Have It.

She turned away from the other baby, a small red-headed girl there with her mother, and slyly put the large red disk of plastic into her mouth, marking it as her own and no longer property of The Other Baby.

I was mortified. My daughter is a bully at almost a year of age. Already. What will the future hold? What have I done wrong?!

Bully baby!

(The other parent there laughed and gave her daughter another of the toys to play with, telling me that this is absolutely normal and all babies do it. Her daughter seemed un-fazed by the thievery but I remember what it was like to be bullied. Don't worry, little red-headed baby: my daughter's reign of terror shall cease!)

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