Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things We Don't Tell Mommy

We went to Ohio to be with some friends for the Fourth of July (otherwise/properly known as "Ferrett's birthday"). At a party with new friends I realized that I seem to be telling a lot of baby stories where I had to look around to first make sure that Laura wasn't within earshot.

For Example:

I was teaching my daughter how to give a high five about a week or two ago (a skill she has mastered before turning one year old thanks to my awesome training and her super high intelligence) and she just wasn't getting it. I'd put my hand out and she'd grab my finger or try to bite it. Once, she licked it. The entire hand. Ew, baby slobber.

We have some little baby snacks that are like small cheese puffs. Remembering back to my dog training days I went and got a handful of the "baby treats" and began again. I held my hand out as the baby's little eyes focused on the deliciousness in my other hand and when she touched my hand with her little hand I immediately rewarded her with a small bit of treat.

Building it up, she very quickly learned how to give me five, and even learned how to high five very quickly. Laura doesn't appreciate it when I say things like "Training a baby is even easier than training a golden retriever!"

So I don't say things like that.

Because I'm smart.

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