Friday, July 12, 2013

No Mommies Allowed!

The penguin statue on the shelf rocks. GO PENGUINS!
This is our fort and you can't come in. It's only ours. No-one else allowed! No mommies allowed!

Mostly because nobody else would FIT in this fort with the two of us in there.

You can see here that I am wearing my classy white undershirt and gray shorts (if you look closely but don't). You can tell it's the classy one because there are no stains on it and it has short sleeves as opposed to no sleeves. The baby is styling in her pink onesie with no bottoms.

We are a very high-class family, thank you very much.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Lois grabbed the basket and threw it over her own head, yelling gleefully in a Northern accent "Father! I have absconded with the fort and taken it over myself, for I am a criminal mistressmind and am now well fort-ified!"
She's still not very good at hiding, however.

My daughter is apparently British, well-educated, and a bit of a feminist, as well as being a horrible punster. She takes after me in so many ways! I'm very proud.

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