Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doing Something Right

Every now and then I get something right.

Don't worry. It's rare.

One of the things I'm doing right is that books are an "anytime" toy. No matter what I'm doing I will stop and make time to read to Lois if she brings me a book.

It's even easier now that she walks over, hands me the book, and says "Book!" It's adorable.

I think one of the greatest kids magazines out there is Highlights. I grew up with it and now Lois will grow up with it too. She's already started with a subscription to Highlights Hello. The stories are short, matching her current attention span, and each story has a little blurb at the beginning to help parents stretch it out into something more fun if their little one seems to be drawn to it.

I think reading is one of the greatest things any child can learn to love and I know that I want to do everything in my power to ensure that Lois loves reading as much as I do. Books being an "anytime toy" seems to be a good start. Once she starts getting older though I kind of wonder what I can do to help her keep loving books without overdoing it.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have. What did/do you do for your children to get them to love reading? What worked/works best in your experience?

How do I make her love reading without her realizing that I'm MAKING her do it?


  1. When I was little, I never wanted to go to sleep. My parents made a rule that I was to stay in bed and not play with toys after bedtime, but I was allowed to read as late as I wanted. Reading as a gateway to "breaking" the otherwise unbreakable bedtime made it pretty awesome for a little kid. Sounds kind of similar to your "anytime toy" idea (which is brilliant) and might be a good transition once she can read on her own.

    1. I think that will definitely be added in to our rules. Thank you; that's an awesome idea.