Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Morning

This is a very old photo. Just so you know.
Lois is almost over her cold. How can I tell?

I can tell because I'm not completely exhausted this morning from being woken every couple of hours last night.

I can tell because it's after 6:30 AM and she's still asleep.

I can tell because I'm a dad and I'm psychic.

One of those three reasons may be a lie. You decide which.

For the first time in about a week, I was able to sleep almost through the entire night without being woken up, which is awesome. Don't get me wrong: either me or Laura are there for her when she needs us, even in the middle of the night, and we don't begrudge her that since she doesn't yet understand how much everyone needs to sleep.

That being said, the other night when Lois was awake every-hour-on-the-hour, we were trying to figure out if there were any roving Gypsy bands around here.


We were just going to see if Aunt Julia or Auntie Amanda wanted to adopt her.



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