Monday, March 17, 2014

Things I Was Too Busy Laughing At To Photograph

  • The little one has had a cold lately, which sucks for everyone involved. That being said, she's pretty adorable when she sneezes and then follows it with three or four fake sneezes. She seems to love getting "blessed."
  • Dropping her book off the chair she decided she could pick it up without getting out of the chair. She lay on her belly and reached down as far as she could. I watched, knowing what was about to happen but decided that she had a very low possibility of getting hurt. She leaned forward until her weight pulled her straight off the chair, onto her head, and into a somersault, landing her flat on her back. Today she learned about gravity.
  • Lois ran at the cat, shouting "Kitty!" The cat, startled and not at all a fan of Lois, took off but got stuck momentarily in the corner. Lois then charged forward, arms out-stretched, and yelled "Hug!" The cat literally jumped over her head and sped away to a safe hiding place. Lois tried to keep up, yelling "hug" several more times.

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