Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Little One Starts Arts

 Ever since Christmas I've been drawing, using the art supplies that Laura bought me in one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Lois has watched stoically as I make my marks on the page and then she started demanding I give her the charcoal so she can do the same thing.

Yes, her hands get a little messy when I let her use the charcoal but today we started incorporating the crayon sticks as well!

She picks out her own colors, puts the ones she has used back in their place before choosing a new one, and makes her marks on the page.

She still likes the charcoal more but lets me know when she wants to add the color.

It's really pretty awesome!

This is me.
At the end of each drawing session she usually points at her creation and says "Lois!"

Today, she drew this drawing over the course of half an hour or so, pointed at it, looked at me, and said "Daddy!"

It's the best drawing I've ever seen.


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