Friday, March 7, 2014

Father Fails Friday: A Picture Guide

 It's been a rough week for everyone.

Laura's in her final couple weeks of her PhD, I've had a nasty cold, and Lois has to deal with two parents who aren't as attentive as they could/should be.

We're trying; it's just a rough week.

She has a love for all things not hers, especially if they're electronic and breakable.

She hasn't called 911 on our phones yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we have an officer come to our door some day to talk about mysterious hang-ups from our location.

In advance, I apologize for wasting your time, officer.

I really like this photo.

Lois gets very snuggly in the morning, especially when she's been awake all night keeping us awake.
 For my birthday I bought myself a keyboard and Lois absolutely loves it. She especially loves trying to climb on it but we're going to pretend that's the first step to being a musical genius.
She gets very serious sometimes, starting off into space (or at the tv).
 Here you can see her "Dad, put the camera down" face combined with her "Daddy was the one who dressed me today" socks. It's a winning combo!


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